Sentimental Sunday: What Happened To Anna Bichrest?

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Pictured from left to right is my grandaunt Anna Bichrest, my maternal grandfather John Joseph Bichrest, Jr., and my grandaunt Mary Bichrest. Obviously, I have extensive information on my grandfather. I have a pretty good handle on my grandaunt Mary Bichrest. I have virtually no information at all on Anna Bichrest. She only appears in the 1930 Census as living with my great-grandparents, and from that I can date her birth to about 1917 in New Jersey.

She is listed in her mothers obituary in 1931 as a surviving daughter. After that, nothing. The real sad part is, she is not listed in her fathers obituary in 1979. I found out from family stories that she became estranged from the family and moved west, possibly to California. Many attempts to contact her were made, but it was clear she never wanted anything to do with the rest of the Bichrests/Bickerests. Did she die prior to 1979? Or had she been disowned and long forgotten? I may never know.

I hope I can one day find some trace of her.

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