The Papins of Parno

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In my previous post, I was curious about the contact listed in my great-grandfather’s Ellis Island record:


I posted a request for interpretation help to a wonderful Yahoo! group, SLOVAK-ROOTS. Very shortly after, a few of the members of the group suggested that the name may actually be “Papin” instead of “Papiss”. They also pointed out that some members of a Papin family had previously entered the country with their last residence listed as Parno, Hungary. Armed with this information, I was able to locate a Pal Papin that entered the country on Feb 28. 1906 from Parno. Interestingly, the Ellis Island database actually lists the record incorrectly as Pal Papoass. This is likely a transcription error. Close inspection of the ship manifest leads me to believe this is the same Pal Papin that my great grandfather was seeking.

So who is this mysterious man? The 1910 federal census does enumerate a Paul Papin living in Bayonne, with his job listed as working for the Oil Works. The proximity to my my great-grandfather in his hometown of Parno points to him possibly being a family friend. Perhaps he was influential in my great-grandfathers decision to leave his homeland for the new world.

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